Frequently Asked Questions

What is eSports racing?

eSports racing is competitive online or LAN based racing with competitors vying for cash and prizes within the eSports tournament format. By creating tournaments online, we have a community supported eco-system that allows for fair competition in many styles of motorsports racing.

Why should my company sponsor a virtual race car?

eSports Racing is the only eSports that has in game branding. Our ability to custom wrap each virtual race car in your company's logo and color scheme provides the perfect branding opportunity without having to leave the gaming action. The costs associated currently are much lower than the top eSports platforms and real-world racing as well.  Give us a try for something different. We can do things other platforms simply cannot do.

Can anyone compete to earn real seat time in a race car?

Yes, we are looking for those that have the IT factor that otherwise don't have the means to showcase their skill sets. Currently our tournaments are set up to allow competitors to compete online and winning drivers not only receive cash prizes but earn invites to special events that will allow them to compete directly for seat time in a real-world race car.

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