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Our Mission


To create a new ecosystem that bridges the traditional motorsports industry to the digital world and transform the way we consume entertainment for the next generation. V2Rtv is the convergence of the digital and traditional racing worlds. We are seeking to transform sports entertainment by the way we consume, develop and inspire the next generation of racing fans and drivers.

eSports Racing Partnerships

Up to this point, eSports Racing has been presented as entertainment. The growth in this sector has proven eRacing to be a viable source of content. The next step for sustainability is to adapt eRacing as an influential marketing platform which provides proven ROI for sponsors and partners. We’ve created several methods to generate the wants and needs for our partnerships. What can we do for you?

Crowd Sourced Marketing (CSM) a Virtual2Reality.tv Platform

Companies like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have shown how crowdfunding can generate the necessary money to fund a project, idea or business. Now imagine the the same format where multiple businesses can contribute small amounts of marketing funds to roll into one massive campaign. This is how our partners will be able to achieve industry low hit rates for impressions.

We Think Big

Here we go again, shaking up the motorsports industry with our next Virtual2Reality event. This time we’re off the dirt and headed for the paved oval and going stock car racing. We’re very excited about the opportunity to expand our portfolio to one of the largest fan bases in American motorsports.

Who are we

Our Team

Joel Hamilton

Founder & CEO

Ken Kurtz

Chief Tech Officer

Lisa Pineda

STEM Director

Robbie Johnston

Web Designer

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