Who are we

Our Mission


At V2Rtv, we envision possibilities beyond the ordinary. Reflecting on our 12-year journey on the iRacing platform, we're grateful for the countless memories, friendships, and milestones it has brought. From hosting stellar online events to propelling sim racers into real-world cars, our path has been marked by learning, growth, and unwavering passion.

eSports Racing Partnerships

V2Rtv, isn't just about racing—we're about revolutionizing marketing. With tailored campaigns and cutting-edge strategies, we unlock the power of marketing assets to deliver high returns. From geofencing to in-depth analysis of consumer behavior, we're dedicated to maximizing impact and driving success for our partners.

Crowd Sourced Marketing (CSM) a Virtual2Reality.tv Platform

Imagine businesses pooling their marketing funds into one massive campaign, inspired by platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. At V2Rtv, we're pioneering this approach, enabling partners to achieve industry-low hit rates for impressions. Join us in reshaping marketing dynamics and maximizing your brand's impact.

We Think Big

We have our sights set on two ambitious projects: establishing our own sim racing centers and launching a STEM in Motorsports program that introduces racing simulators to high schools. Reflecting on our experience at iRaceCenter and its valuable lessons, we've developed a robust business plan to ensure the success of these centers. Equally passionate about placing simulators in high schools, we recognize the urgent need for this initiative and have devised innovative funding solutions. Let's unite as a community to discuss these projects and accelerate the numerous benefits sim racing can offer.

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