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V2R.tv is a double-edged sword within the eSports racing category. We are the centerpiece between an emerging virtual racing industry and real-world opportunities. We pair virtual racers with companies through high engagement marketing campaigns designed for ROI and brand awareness. Through this mechanism we have the opportunity to fund the top virtual racers in specific racing series live streamed on Facebook with full commentary and commercials. These online racers will have the opportunity for seat time in real world race cars and live out their dreams to showcase the skills and techniques learned while Virtual Racing.

Our Target Audience

The eSports demographic has exceeded growth expectations the last five years and there is no leveling out in sight. With numbers hitting 500M watching over 72B hours of other people playing video games on live streaming channels, eSports has grown beyond a fad. Our Virtual side will appeal to this demo which also contains the hard to reach millennials. Another demographic we will be able to obtain interest from is the motorsports fan-base that reaches over 150M in the US alone. We are anticipating quite a bit of interest and curiosity.

Can a virtual racer really compete against race hardened veterans?

Both demographics have proven to be very brand associated loyal and tend to purchase products and services branded by their favorite drivers and eSports pros. This is what will make V2R and its crowd sourced marketing campaigns so effective. Contact us to learn more.

Who are we

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Joel Hamilton

Founder & CEO

Sean Dour

Graphic Designer

Kyle Bates


Lewis Ingalls


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